Meeting Minutes: 18 June 2012


Harrogate Blues meeting minutes for the 18th June 2012

Lewis Gordon-Secretary welcomed everyone to the second meeting of the newly formed Harrogate Blues Supporters Club, thank you once
again for the tremendous turnout.

Minutes from the previous meeting on the 30th May 2012 were distributed and seconded by a member on the evening.

Treasurer Tracey Gordon stated that a bank account had now been set up for the club but as of yet no funds in at the present time.

We have now had an e mail back from Manchester City and we have now been officially accepted in to the official name of the City
supporters club which is MCFC Supporters Club (1949) which is great news. We now have on paper approximately 60 members subject to
everyone paying their fee, official numbers to be confirmed at a later date once all fees are in.

There will be an AGM at the ETIHAD Stadium on the 14th July 2012 participants attending to be confirmed.

The only negative point is that we will only be allowed to apply for tickets from October and the first match being on the 6 th October 2012,
we will then be asked to apply for tickets 5 weeks in advance of the games before they go on general sale.

Tickets for games can be applied for on the Harrogate Blues website when we are given an allocation, in regard to the allocation of any
tickets for future games the idea of a ballot was discussed and approved to trial, rather than issued on the highest number of loyalty
points any members may have.

Please forward any outstanding membership card numbers to Lewis as soon as possible, you need to have as a minimum a basic Blue
membership card or above, as no paper tickets are issued any longer as ticket details are issued electronically to your membership card.

Community Shield Villa Park, Sunday August 12 kick off 13.30 hours, tickets will be scarce for this game and we will not get any allocation
so you will need to apply for these on your own; however we would like to offer transport for this trip if enough people are interested, 20
being the minimum

Transport for future games we have a number of quotes from various coach companies with prices being very similar as follows:

53 seat £400 – 33 seat £320 – 25 seat £300

Dodsworths of Boroughbridge have stated that we can park some cars in their yard for supporters who wish to meet there, proposed pick
up would be in Boroughbridge, Knaresborough, Harrogate then through to Leeds and The Etihad.

Transport for the first home match against Southampton on the 18th August (though this date could change due to television) Lewis is
prepared to book a 33 seater coach at a cost of £320, details to be confirmed.

Coach parking would be on Joe Mercer way which is free once we have been provided with a parking permit issued by Manchester City

Discussion was given to charging a fee to attend the meeting in order to generate some income for the club especially in our embryonic
stage of development a fee of £2.00 per member payable on the evening is proposed and any feedback to the web site would be
appreciated, so this can be seconded at the next meeting if there is agreement. Ideas for incentives to support this would be as an
example as we did this meeting, was a football scratch card at a £1.00 a team chosen, where £15 was the prize and £15 went to the
supporter’s club income.

Some other ideas were given such as a raffle for a signed shirt, signed pictures, free transport, and any incentive ideas can be posted on
the website.

A collection of membership fees were taken on the evening.

We would like to produce a specific flag for the supporters club which can be made to our specification and one company has been
sourced Barmy who specializes in making football flags for supporters and clubs. The flag can be made to our specification and
there is a thread up and running on the web site so all ideas welcome.

Meeting was concluded at 20.45 hours thank you to you all for attending and your welcome contribution

Next meeting is Monday 16th July 2012 20.00 hours at the Harrogate Conservative Club – Lewis Gordon (Secretary, Harrogate Blues)


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