Meeting Minutes: 20 August 2012


Lewis opened the meeting and thanked everyone for there attendance.

Treasurer then gave a detailed account of our bank holdings, currently we are £598 in the black.

Lewis then asked for feedback from the coach trip to City v Southampton and the reaction was favourable with no adverse comments from the floor.

The driver asked Lewis to inform members that he would consider it a big favour if people could eat their takeaways before they come back on the bus.

Lewis then again reiterated the procedure for requesting tickets, the site is the primary avenue but he said that he would take any method as long as it was within the cut off time.

A discussion then took place on the siting of the Club Flag at City. We had a few issues on the size of it and it is now being modified to comply with the posh people in the boxes beneath Level 2.

Payment from the last meetings successful auction then took place.

Lewis then explained that he had not actioned the request for the Premier League Trophy to be held in Harrogate due to pressure of work. He apologised and said he would get the ball rolling on that.

AOB – in depth discussion on how to pay for future buses and an explanation of how important it was for everyone to contribute to the football card that is taken around the bus.

It was also discussed on how to reward the driver for his time, other than his normal fee for the hire of the coach.

It was decided at the meeting that there would be a £1 surcharge on the seat price to avoid everybody’s embarrassment of either not contributing or feeling pressured to contribute. This would ensure that the driver gets a fair payment and Lewis wouldn’t have to pass a hat around.

Meeting ended at 8.40pm and everybody departed to the bar area and had a great time watching some team in Blue batter a team in Raggish Red. Wonderful.




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