Club Crest & Banner Update

Good morning Blues.  I’ve made an attempt at creating a club crest and added it to a few banner ideas.  Personally, I like the design, but it’s for the club and not my personal use, so I would like your feedback to help its progression. So, let’s get to the designs.

This is the club crest design.  I went with a basic design, adding the red and white roses that were mentioned in the forums.  Of course, the MCFC crest in the middle, and our established date.  I originally went with the EST.1949 design, but thanks to feedback in the forum confirming my assumption of it looking a bit odd, it was changed to show the true establishment date.  I believe this design would translate well onto any banner that we have made.  I’ve also thought about the possibility of having patches made for club members.  Regardless of what we decide to use the crest for, this design should be simple enough to translate over well without any distortion when printing or embroidering.

There are many possibilities for the club banner.  It will all come down to the club’s taste, and what we collectively decide on.  The four examples below are, again, basic designs.  I can easily change the size of the crest on the banner, the position of the crest, and the background and its colors.  If you have any suggestions, please post them here or in the forum in the Club Crest & Banner thread.


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