Next Meeting Scheduled!

The next Harrogate Blues meeting will take place next Monday, 18 June, at the Harrogate Conservative Club.  We will start at 8pm, but there is no harm in showing up a little early and sharing a pint with the other Blues.

As most of you know, on the evening of 5 June we received word from Kevin Parker at MCFC that Harrogate Blues were awarded official supporters club status.  This is very exciting for us as a club but presents many new challenges for club officials.

This year’s subs/fees/dues will be collected at this meeting.  Also, please remember to bring your MCFC membership details and personal contact information.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, arrange a different method of delivery with Flash as soon as possible.  You can contact him via email at

As always, we urge members and those interested in learning more about the club to join our forum, visit our page on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter to ensure they receive the latest information on Harrogate Blues.

Many thanks to those that have already signed up and continue to share, retweet, and email our club information out to friends, family and co-workers.  Your efforts have helped us raise our numbers tremendously.  Please keep spreading the word!


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