Meeting Minutes: 16 July 2012


Lewis Gordon-Secretary welcomed everyone to the third meeting of the newly formed Harrogate Blues Supporters Club, thank you once again for another tremendous turnout.

Minutes from the previous meeting on the 18th June 2012 will not be distributed at future meetings and can be accessed via the web site.

Treasurer Tracey Gordon stated that a bank account has now a balance of £590.00, a running balance spread sheet will be kept up to date with all revenue and costs to the club, a copy can be obtained at any time should you require one from Tracey.

We now have now 63 paid up members, which is excellent, given our infancy as a supporters club.

There was an AGM at the ETIHAD Stadium on the 14th July 2012 Lewis, Tracey and Chairman Chris Young attended, it was described as a shambles of an event, which was badly organised and unprofessional. There is an increase in the number of supporters clubs from 133 last seasons to 138 including our own; unfortunately there will be no increase in ticket allocation even though there are more branches.

The new supporters club membership cards were given out to members attending on the evening.

Dodsworths of Boroughbridge have been nominated as our coach transport to the Etihad Stadium we can park cars in their yard for supporters who wish to meet there, proposed pick up would be in Boroughbridge, Knaresborough, Harrogate then through to Leeds and then on to The Etihad. Pick up times are be posted on the website for the Southampton game on the 19 th August kick off 1600 hours – 18 people are required to travel on the coach inform Lewis of your intention to travel on the coach asap.

Coach parking would be on Joe Mercer way which is free once we have been provided with a parking permit issued by Manchester City Club.

Flag/Banner vote was made on the evening and the majority vote went to flag number 2 with the blue background and a 10 x6 size will cost £240.00 this can be viewed on the web site. Lewis and Tracey have donated £40.00 and other donations were given around the room, the remaining cost to be taken from the sale of football cards and auction/raffles. Any further donations welcome.

Tracey has asked a local company she uses a hew work place to price up a sign for the Coach.

Any new members are welcome


City in the Community are taking the Premier League Trophy on a tour and part of this would be take it to Supporters Clubs around the Country at the cost of £500.Two of the branches North East and Darlington have contacted Lewis to join up and see the trophy at Darlington then photographs taken at £2.00 a picture. The members attending were not keen on the idea and wanted to see if we could do it ourselves and also may be join up with the Leeds Morley Branch, Lewis will look into this and contact them.

Social Secretary Nick Wright has been seconded abroad with the RAF 6 months and we wish him well, so Ray has stepped in to taken on the role, thank you Ray.

Elliot brought in a number of signed photographs and these were auctioned and the proceeds over the costs of the photographs were placed into the club revenue.

Georgie Kinkladze signed photo was sold for £65

Joe Hart signed photo was sold for £30.00

Sergio Aguero signed photo was sold for £40.00

Vincent Kompany goal at the Derby last season was sold for £60.00

A great auction thank you for your contribution and to Elliott for bringing in the photographs

Meeting was concluded at 20.40 hours thank you to you all for attending and your welcome contribution Next meeting is Monday 20th August 2012 @ 20.00 hours at the Harrogate Conservative Club – Lewis Gordon (Secretary, Harrogate Blues)


One comment on “Meeting Minutes: 16 July 2012

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make the meeting on 16 July. I was on holiday again!
    I wont be able to make the Southampton game. My brother is over from Oz and we are having a family get together. Both James and I are intending to get involved with the coach trips. Cheers

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